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Delverde Eliocoidali Tube No 21
By Delverde

$4.90 AUD


About Delverde Eliocoidali Tube No 21

Delverde's Elicoidali are very slightly curved and 'twist-ridged' short pasta tubes - about 2 inches long.  A little larger than sedani, similar to rigatoni.  Bronze extruded to add to the benefit of the ridges for even extra sauce-holding texture.  

To produce and select high-quality foodstuffs, using methods that are environmentally friendly and that carry on a tradition of healthy and authentic food – this is the mission that we here at Delverde have pursued since the very beginning, in a setting that is close to nature and respectful of its values.
Delverde production methods are reflected in the choice of the name Delverde, inspired by the pure waters of the Verde river that has its source in the nature-protected Majella massif.

This is the added value that Delverde brings: the choice of natural production methods, using only the purest water and the very best durum wheat semolina. All Delverde products pay tribute to the flavours of the perfectly balanced Mediterranean diet, and stay true to the raw materials. From our selection of pastas, to our olive oils, tinned tomatoes, and ready-made sauces, Delverde products are beloved by gourmets for their genuinely natural and unmistakable taste.


Weight / Volume
500 grams

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