Here is a list of frequently asked questions regarding our services, produce and products. If you can't find the answer you are looking for feel free to contact our store on (03) 57501199 and we will be more than happy to assist. 

Do Bright Organics deliver to my area?

Non perishable products  -  Australia wide.

Perishable products  -  Victoria and New South Wales

Can I pick up my order from your shop?

Yes. If it is more convenient for you and within our trading hours.

Monday -  Friday      9.30am  -  5.30pm

Saturday & Sunday   10 am   -  5.30pm

Do I have to be in when my order is delivered?

No. Just let us know a safe place to leave your order.

Bright Organics will not be held responsible when left in the nominated delivery place.

What if my delivery address is different from my home address?

That's fine. When you make your order online you can specify a different delivery address during checkout.

I am late in placing my order can I still receive it?

Please call us on (03) 57501199 as it will all depend on the possibility of organizing freight, if ordered by Noon, you will receive your order 2 days later, but is possible you will receive the next working day.

How do I know I am receiving genuine organic products?

We  always adhere to strict standards when selling organic products and biodynamic and organic produce. Certified organic and bio-dynamic produce has been checked by an independent body known as an organic certifier. An organic certifier ensures that produce has been grown to the sustainable farming methods and without the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 

There are many products out there that claim to be 'natural' or 'organic' so always check the ingredients on the back and look for a certification guarantee. Australia has seven organic certifiers.

Many organic products manufactured overseas and imported into Australia will also have an international logo and / or processor number. 

All products listed on our website will indicate a certifying body and / or processor number. 


What forms of payment do you take?

You can pay by using your Pay Pal account or credit card online.  If shopping and paying online is something you are not comfortable with please feel free to call us on (03) 57501199 and we would be happy to arrange an alternate payment solution for you.

How can I make suggestions for new products or better services?

We are always open to hear suggestions for more products or how we can improve our service. You can either email us on info@brightorganics.com.au or telephone us on (03) 57501199.

Can I make my order over the phone instead of online?


Ordering From Bright Organics Online

How to Order:
You can order from us by simply finding the product you want and clicking  on the ADD TO CART button under that product. The website will automatically  put the product in the shopping basket. You can check on the contents of  your shopping basket at any time by clicking on the VIEW CART button.

Phone/Online orders:

Phone us on (03) 57501199 or order online. 

We will then email you back an order confirmation once your order has been processed. 

You must still have a valid email address to use this service. 

Need to find a product fast ?

Just enter some key words into the search box at the top of each page. All the information we have about our products is recorded on our website. If you are going through the ordering process and there is a problem, or you change your mind, simply close that web page and your order will not be recorded. 

Paying for your order:

Orders are processed more quickly if you order though our website and pay by Credit Card or PayPal.

We accept Visa & Mastercard.

Questions about postage:

How will my order be sent?

If your order is of light weight and non perishable, your order will be sent through Australia Post.  If your order was to weigh 20 kg it will most likely be by courier service. The fee is then calculated with your online order.

How can I calculate the delivery cost without purchasing?

The website automatically calculates delivery costs and tells you the total freight charge at the checkout before you confirm or pay for your order.

If you choose not to proceed, then you can leave that page and none of the  details you already entered will be stored in any way by our systems. This means your order will not be recorded, but you will know how much the shipping would have cost had you decided to proceed.

Why is my dry herb order order taking so long to come?

Orders normally take between 3-10 business days to dispatch, depending on stock availability and the size of your order. 

This is because we may be out of stock of a product you have ordered and are waiting for our new stock to arrive. We prefer to send everything you ordered in the same delivery rather than in bits and pieces. 

The organics industry is growing at a steady rate and there is nearly always a very reliable and regular supply of most organic products from wholesalers. It is possible that supply can stop without too much warning  or be delayed for a variety of reasons. 

  • Almost all of our suppliers and producers are small operators with a genuine and sincere commitment to producing high quality organic products. Because they are small they often don't have large quantities of stock stored and can easily run out of some products temporarily if demand increases suddenly.

Questions about organic and biodynamic terms:

What do the terms Certified Organic and Certified Biodynamic mean?

Biodynamic can be described as an advanced form of organic farming, using the principles of organic growing together with the principles of philosopher Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic farming takes a holistic approach to organic farming and incorporates special composts, preparations, crop rotations, manure plantings and all natural plant activators in the organic production. These preparations are designed to increase the nutrients and trace elements of the soil and improve the flavour and nutrition content of the fruit and vegetables. With growing Biodynamically, there are practices of planting with phases of the moon and stars to create the ideal ecosystem for growing organic fruit and vegetables .

What is Organic Food?

Very simply, organic food should come from farming the land without the use of synthetic chemicals (such as fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides), growth regulators, and livestock feed additives or antibiotics. The quality of soil, animal welfare and a balanced and healthy ecosystem are crucial in producing wholesome organic produce. 

Why is organic food certified?

No laws currently protect the use of the word ‘organic’. Therefore, organic certification of a product provides regulated processes to assure consumers that strict guidelines and goals have been undertaken and achieved.

Where does the Organic food come from?  

At Bright Organics we grow as much "in" season produce as possible on site .The produce needing a warmer climate comes from our northern states.

The remainder of our fresh produce comes from reputable certified Australian suppliers and producers.  The produce that we have to buy which may be out of season comes from the organic and biodynamic markets and certified by an appropriate body .

How do I know it’s certified organic? 

Certified organic foods are produced by growers who have been inspected annually by an independent certification body. There are many of these bodies all over the world.

Organic producers are subject to an annual audit by their chosen independent certification body. Products labelled as Certified Organic / Biodynamic and Certified in Conversion must have the appropriate documentation verifying authenticity, so retailers can clearly label the products for the consumer to select genuine organic / biodynamic products.

Why should I buy certified organic food?

Conventional (non-certified organic) food is everywhere. The way in which food is produced  and processed affects your health  and future generations. Your choices as a consumer can change many of the destructive practices currently used not  to mention  the most important choice , life changing  decisions on your health and well being.

Protect future generations - The average child receives exposure to at least eight widely used cancer-causing pesticides in conventional food.

Keep chemicals off your plate - Pesticides are poisons designed to kill organisms and have been implicated in cancers, birth defects, nerve damage and genetic mutations.

Support a true economy - Conventional food prices don’t reflect the hidden costs borne by taxpayers such as hazardous waste disposal, environmental clean-ups, sickness and disease.

Stop the human experiment - The public is expected to consume copious amounts of chemicals, irradiated and genetically engineered conventional food without any labelling or warning of their true effects.Then the medical profession have us believe that drugs and pills will cure all.

Protect water quality - Toxic pesticides are increasingly contaminating the water we consume daily.

Promote biodiversity - Conventional farming methods are leaving soils lacking in natural minerals driving a dependence on fertilisers to replace nutrients.

Protect farm workers - Conventional farm workers exposed to herbicides have six times more risk than non-farmers of contracting cancer.

Help small farmers - Organic and biodynamic farming is one of the few survival means left for family farms in the wake of chemical-driven mass production.