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Blueberries Dried

$10.90 AUD per 100 grams

About Blueberries Dried

Key elements of Blueberries are : Vitamin C, E, Manganese, Dietary Fibre, Iron, and Potassium

Immune System Support

Anti Inflammatory

Anti allergic

Antioxidant, in particular anthocynanins.

This sweet little berry is one of the world's best sources of antioxidants.  This means an amazing ability to protect the body and are associated with numerous health benefits such as improved memory, protection from urinary tract (these are from the same family as cranberries and have a compound that prevents bacteria adhering to the bladder wall), heart disease prevention, improve insulin sensitivity and are even reknowned to combat ageing.

Numerous studies have found that memory loss can be improved with daily consumption of Blueberries, a study found that just 12 weeks of blueberry intake cognitive function was greatly enhanced. 

Eating your berries organic is so important with recent studies concluding that organicaly grown blueberries contain more total anthocyanin antioxidants, phenol antioxidants and significantly higher total antioxidant capacity.

In addition daily intake of blueberries results in increased eNOS activity which directly relates to improved cardiovascular function and protection. 

Weight / Volume
100 grams

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