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Organic Times Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans
By Organic Times

$11.90 AUD


About Organic Times Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans

Organic Times Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans are premium, full-bodied, organic oven-roasted coffee beans covered in our delicious fair-trade organic couverture chocolate. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. These crisp fair-trade coffee beans offer characteristics of fruit and floral notes with hints of chocolate and spices. True lovers of coffee and chocolate need look no further!

Organic Times offers you the most natural and delicious products created from organic produce for healthier living and a better taste.  Certified organic using the finest quality ingredients and no genetically engineered ingredients, including no GE soy lecithin, providing you with our premium range.

Organic Times is fully Australian owned. and all products are certified organic by NASAA who are an accredited certifying body. They import the finest European organic chocolate for use in our local manufacturing. 

Specialising in coating organic raw produce, sourced from local farmers whenever possible, with silky smooth Swiss-made organic chocolate; our range includes organic chocolate-coated almonds, macadamias, sultanas, coffee beans, ginger and licorice.


Weight / Volume
150 grams

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