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Aphrodite Halloumi
By Aphrodite

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About Aphrodite Halloumi

Halloumi is a soft to semi-hard white cheese made from sheep, goats or cows milk. It is springy in texture and the original flavour is salty, mellow and tangy. Some people say it is very salty but this is Halloumi. The unique and special property of Halloumi is its ability to retain its shape upon cooking

Rich in calcium, high in protein and lactic flora substances, and with a high vitamin and mineral salt content, it is highly nutritional.

Halloumi cheese has been around for many centuries and the name Halloumi is automatically connected to Cyprus. According to legends and available data Halloumi has been produced for hundreds of years in Cyprus both for domestic use and export.
There are different possibilities regarding the derivation of its name. One purports that the name Halloumi has derived from the Arabic word “khllum” that means cheese. Another suggests that the name originated from the ancient Greek word that means “salt”. The first references that link Halloumi with Cyprus date back to 1554 AD. Archimandrite Kyprianos (1788) mentions that Halloumi cheese was exported 144 years prior to 1788. In his book Geoponiko (1643), Monk Agapios describes the method of making Halloumi cheese.

Aphrodite Halloumi have been in business since 1986, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products.


Weight / Volume
250 grams

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