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Statin Drugs Side Effects
By Duane Graveline

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About Statin Drugs Side Effects

If you are on a statin drug or are thinking of going on a statin, this fully referenced book, Statin Drug Side Effects, is a "must read" for you. The unacceptable legacy of statin drug use at today's high doses is a trail of chronic aches and pains, numbness, weakness, confusion, fatigue, shortness of breath and even heart failure in hordes of unsuspecting victims. Only by knowing this information, and in consultation with your healthcare professional, can you make an informed decision about your health care. If you are a user of Vytorin, Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, Mevacor, Pravachol or Lescol you must read this book. Most of the statin side effects I discuss are unknown to your busy doctor.

Although knowledgeable about muscle and liver problems, few have heard of statin amnesia and other forms of memory dysfunction and fewer still associate hostility, aggression and profound depression as statin related. As a former astronaut, aerospace medical research scientist, flight surgeon and family doctor, Duane Graveline was appalled by the lack of information in the medical community on the full range of side effects of the statin drugs. This book is a comprehensive reference source and summary of side effects of statin drugs.

This concise but comprehensive compendium not only lists the cornucopia of statin side effects, but also clearly explains the mechanisms of action responsible for their insidious side effects. Many of these dangerous complications, including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders that have been skillfully concealed or denied by statin manufacturers are just now beginning to surface. As Dr. Graveline emphasizes, in blocking cholesterol, which is essential for neuronal communication in the brain, statins also interfere with the synthesis of Coenzyme Q10, dolichols and NF-kB (nuclear factor kappa B), vital nutrients crucial for energy production, neuropeptide synthesis and proper immune system function. He also discusses the important role of homocysteine in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and the fallacies of current dogma that perpetuates the high fat diet' high cholesterol' heart attack myths. Equally valuable is a chapter devoted to statin alternatives that are certainly much safer and can be more effective for many, especially senior citizens and women of any age. The author, who is a physician with impressive credentials, became interested in this subject after suffering two episodes of global amnesia. His previous book, Lipitor, Thief of Memory, details this and similar memory problems experienced by many others. Since then, he has established a web site [...] that now includes reports of over 7,000 patients who have experienced documented statin side effect. As also emphasized, statins have been the best selling drugs ever for several years. This meaty book should be required reading for the many millions of patients that take them and the hundreds of thousands of physicians who prescribe them.


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