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Cancer Cause and Cure By Percy Weston

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About Cancer Cause and Cure By Percy Weston

A farmer's fascinating account of how agribusiness is disrupting the balance of nature and causing havoc in the food chain. He explains how anyone can beat cancer without expensive drugs, hospitalization and doctors, just as he did.

Here's a book you won't want to put down. The story is charged with human interest and drama from beginning to end, as keen eyed farmer Percy Weston recounts his experiences and observations over a lifetime of struggle on the land and draws the reader into an intriguing detective story that spans the years of transition from traditional methods of farming to modern ones.

Informed by an expert knowledge of chemistry, he believes there is a causative factor for cancer via the food chain which science has totally overlooked. He proved it first in animals in the 1940's and then in humans by curing medically diagnosed cases of cancer and arthritis which he realized had the same origin.
These were miracle cures as far as doctors were concerned. 

Here is the enthrailing story of one man's unique journey of discovery. A book definitely worth buying !

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