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How Can I Grow And Use Sprouts As Living Food?

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About How Can I Grow And Use Sprouts As Living Food?

"How can I grow and use Sprouts as living food?" will inspire you to grow and use sprouts to maximize your health.

For over 30 years, Isabell and her husband Derrick have lived on their picturesque Herb Farm at Nambour, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Their large collection of culinary and medicinal herbs, spices and rare edibles have been sought after by gardeners, throughout Australia.  Besides teaching courses on herbs and sprouts, speaking at schools, herb and garden clubs, permaculture and organic growers' groups, expos, organisations interested in natural health, and as a guest on radio and TV, Isabell has written articles for numerous national magazines; readers have appreciated her easy to read style. In 2003, Isabell completed writing "How can I use herbs in my daily life?" which quickly became a best seller. Readers say it is so practical, informative and inspiring, and many people order extra books to give to family and friends. 

Now Isabell is sharing with readers... the amazing benefits of living foods, and this sprout book will, also be a valuable investment in health and wealth. Isabell's book covers over 100 kinds of sprouting seeds, the best methods of sprouting, nutritional and medicinal benefits, and how to use sprouts in your daily life, with practical and simple recipes.

Degenerative diseases plague many people, today. We need to realise that pills and surgery are not fixing the problems. What we eat, as living food, has more power over disease and ageing than any medicine the doctor may prescribe. What we can all do, is correct the acid/alkaline balance in the body, and sprouts are the easiest, most economical way to do it... it's so easy... every person can do it.

Our health care system must be health care... promoting prevention, education, personal responsibility, and providing practical ways for every person to achieve optimum health. This book will challenge you to make quality food choices, to nourish true health, to create a healthier and more vibrant life.

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