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Mock Red Hill Apple Cider Vinegar
By Mock Red Hill

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About Mock Red Hill Apple Cider Vinegar

Mock Red Hill, located in the Hinterland of the Mornington Peninsula, is a well-established Bio-Dynamic apple orchard and processing facility. The family-owned and operated orchards has been producing high quality, Bio-dynamic (enhanced organic) fresh fruit, apple juice, apple ciders and apple cider vinegar for the local region and beyond for many years.
The Mock family has been growing apples since 1895, when they planted their first orchard just outside Melbourne. Mock Red Hill owner Neville Mock is a fourth generation orchardist, who completed an apprenticeship in fruit growing with his father, Walter Charles Mock, back in 1981. By that time the family had already been living on the Peninsula for almost twenty years, with Walter moving the business to the well-known apple growing area of Red Hill in 1960.
These days Neville Mock remains the orchardist and cider maker, but the business has moved with the times. The family became pioneers within the Bio-dynamic movement in Australia when their orchard was first certified in 1974, and Neville had continued to push this factor as a key differentiator for the Mock brand.
The family continues to nurture and nourish the same Demeter-certified orchard, creating a unique range of Bio-dynamic products. Being certified Bio-dynamic they are nationally recognized for providing high quality food and beverages with flavour.

The core focus lies in tending to the A-grade Summer Pinks, Galas, Fuji’s, Golden Delicious and other apple varieties growing in the orchard. Being certified Bio-dynamic, produce has been grown and processed according to the standards of the Bio-Dynamic Research Institute. The use of environmentally friendly, ecologically safe, biological methods to activate and nurture the soil, plants and animals within natures organisation, without the use of artificial or synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, genetically modified organisms or any unnecessary additives.


Weight / Volume
375 millilitres

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