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Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt Granules
By Nirvana Organics

$11.90 AUD


About Nirvana Himalayan Crystal Salt Granules

Use these lovely pinkish salt crystals in your salt grinder (non metallic) or you may purchase our refillable salt grinder which looks great and is ever so convenient in any kitchen or on your dining table.

You may even grind these crystals in a mortar and pestle. Experience the difference of having the freshest, tastiest, mineral rich salt at your finger tips. This wholesome salt will delight you, your family and guests with its full, well rounded exquisite smooth flavour and unique colour that truly enhances any meal. For the food connoisseur! You will be their envy of your friends with the healthiest, flavoursome Crystal Salt that naturally enhances the flavour of all your meals and keeps them guessing. Try it for your self, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed!!!

Remember that Nirvana Organics® Himalayan Crystal Salt is more than just table salt [sodium chloride]. Himalayan Crystal Salt is renowned to contain 84 minerals and trace elements found naturally in the human body. These elements, essential for life and good health, are available in such minute particles (colloidal size) due to this salt’s remarkable crystalline structure, that they can be easily absorbed by human cells and metabolised.

Unlike normal sea or rock salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt is uncontaminated by modern day environmental factors and is made from salt crystals formed by nature hundreds of million years ago when continents collided, raising ocean beds high into the mountains of the Himalayas. The salt from those beds still remains deep inside the mountains and nearby foothills.

Weight / Volume
500 grams

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