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Spiral Yuzu Ponzu Sauce
By Spiral Foods

$7.50 AUD


About Spiral Yuzu Ponzu Sauce

Our Yuzu Ponzu is a tasty tangy seasoning that combines shoyu, rice vinegar and mirin (rice cooking wine) with the citrus juices of the sudachi and yuzu fruits. Used as a dressing or dipping sauce it contains no oil and has a low calorie count. Made from the highest quality ingredients, it uses an abundance of yuzu and sudachi citrus fruits that are cultivated with neither agricultural chemicals nor chemical fertilizers. Juiced by hand, they contain activated vitamin C and citric acid. The Shoyu used is made from long-brewed whole soybeans and the vinegar is genuine rice vinegar made from rice and Koji. The mirin used is made from glutinous rice and Koji and distilled spirits by a natural, traditional manufacturing process. The broth is made from the highest quality kombu and shiitake mushroom. Neither artificial additives nor chemical seasonings are included in Ponzu. Add a few drops of our Ponzu into drinks or dishes to quickly recover from the weariness of the summer heat.

Ponzu is often used for salad dressings, tempura broth or as a dipping sauce for fish or steamed vegetables.

Weight / Volume
250 millilitres

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