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JimJam Chilli P P Pickled P P Pepper
By JimJam

$8.90 AUD


About JimJam Chilli P P Pickled P P Pepper

JimJam Thought for Food

These p-p-pickled p-p-peppers are p-p-perfectly HOT, j-j-jumping with jalopenos and ch-ch-chocka full of ch-ch-chilli. Eat them ‘till you s-s-start to st-st-stutter. Then you kn-kn-know you’ve n-n-nearly had enough. Ingredients: cauliflower, onion, jalapenos, sugar, white wine vinegar, gluten free flour, salt, herbs and spices. Jimjam preserves are handmade at our farm, ‘Avant Yarde’. They contain NO artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives or bulking agents. Refrigerate after opening.

JimJam is in the beautiful and prime fruit growing area of Stanley near Beechworth Victoria.

Weight / Volume
270 grams

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