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Black Rice
By Absolute Live

$9.60 AUD


About Black Rice

Himalayan Black Rice grows in the fertile soil of the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, irrigated with glacier water rich in trace minerals. It is a natural superfood with abundant nutrients. It has nutty, earthy flavour, soft texture and beautiful russet colour.

Black Rice has been linked to many health benefits and successes; and recent research suggests that there may be many more that we’re currently not aware of. Consumption of black rice has been linked to marked decreases in risk for dangerous conditions such as heart disease and cancer. High blood pressure, circulation and overall blood health also seems to be maintained well by those who add Black Rice to their diet. Because this special type of rice is considered to be anti-inflammatory and a great source of antioxidants, it may be useful in avoiding long term problems like Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. We’re just beginning to see the useful health related applications of Black Rice; it’s very possible that we’ll discover even more health related benefits from Black Rice as future research is conducted.

Weight / Volume
500 grams

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