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Corrynnes Shaving Soap
By Corrynne's

$14.90 AUD


About Corrynnes Shaving Soap

A double milled process, whipped to a cream with clay and oils. As luxurious as shaving cream gets. "The soap presents as an earthy clay consistency, emitting fresh citrus fragrances that promise cleansing as well as therapeutic benefits.  The sensation on application is at once pleasurably slick as well as subtly astringent.  Utilisation of the shaving tool now reveals a never before experienced lubricity over the surface, creating a long forgotten confidence in the shaving process.  The skin, now transformed into a satin pellicle, is rendered youthfully vibrant, smooth beyond compare and free from the detriment of abrasion."  this comment was sent to us by a very satisfied customer, James Donovan.

Work to a lather with a wet shaving brush - a little goes a long way.

A Western Australian company who have been hand making natural soap and body products for over fifteen years. We pride ourselves on making natural  products that don't contain harmful chemical ingredients.A natural handmade soap, so good for your skin.

Weight / Volume
90 grams

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