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Corrynnes Body + Face Detox paste
By Corrynne's

$15.90 AUD


About Corrynnes Body + Face Detox paste

A mineralised, alkaline clay applied to your skin for healthy glowing skin. A Western Australian company who have been hand making natural soap and body products for over fifteen years. We pride ourselves on making natural  products that don't contain harmful chemical ingredients.  Gently rub this velvety mousse onto your skin,  allow to settle and dry for half an hour. The clay we use is a mineralised, alkaline clay which has a negative charge.  This attracts toxins which have a positive charge. The toxins are locked onto the clay and can then be rinsed away. The inclusion of honey, almond and olive oils keep your skin moisturised while this process is occuring. Lemon, lime and lavender rejuvenate your skin. A small amount of botanical soap has been added to aid in removing the paste easily. Rinse with a wet sponge and experience the joy of silky, glowing, healthy skin.

Weight / Volume
120 grams

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