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Corrynnes Natural Soap Cinnamon, Lime & Coconut
By Corrynne's

$5.00 AUD


About Corrynnes Natural Soap Cinnamon, Lime & Coconut

A natural handmade soap, so good for your skin. A Western Australian company who have been hand making natural soap and body products for over fifteen years. We pride ourselves on making natural  products that don't contain harmful chemical ingredients.. A summer time favourite. Lime oil is most suitable for greasy skin, helping with acne and refining large pores. Lime oil is used in many skin toners for this reason. The aromas of this oil help to relieve throat infections and colds. With the added spice of cinnamon leaf oil the scent of this soap has made it one of our most popular .  Shredded coconut is added so the soap can be used as a gentle exfoliant.

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