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Delverde Organic Tubettini No 55
By Delverde

$4.90 AUD


About Delverde Organic Tubettini No 55


Set in the spectacular oasis of the Majella National Park Italy, Delverde has been synonymous with natural products of the highest quality since 1967, when our company began production drawing on the rich local pasta-making traditions of the Abruzzo region. Today, forty years later, Delverde is a company in tune with the times, with a large selection of products that are sold worldwide. While our facilities now enjoy state-of-the-art technology, at Delverde we still make our pasta like in the old days, extruding it through a bronze die and letting it slow-dry, benefitting from the pure air of our unspoilt natural surroundings, providing the unmistakable backdrop to our factory since its inception.

To produce and select high-quality foodstuffs, using methods that are environmentally friendly and that carry on a tradition of healthy and authentic food – this is the mission that we here at Delverde have pursued since the very beginning, in a setting that is close to nature and respectful of its values.
Delverde production methods are reflected in the choice of the name Delverde, inspired by the pure waters of the Verde river that has its source in the nature-protected Majella massif.

Weight / Volume
500 grams

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