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Apricot Kernels - Organic

$15.00 AUD per 250 grams

About Apricot Kernels - Organic

Seeds or kernels of the apricot grown in central Asia and around the Mediterranean are so sweet that they may be substituted for almonds. The Italian liqueur amaretto and amarettibiscotti are flavored with extract of apricot kernels as well as almonds. Oil pressed from these cultivars has been used as cooking oil

The varieties of apricot grown in Australia are different to those grown overseas. Each variety of apricot produces kernels with vastly different characteristics, which includes, size, shape, amygdalin content and flavour.

Additionally, the growing standards and processing methods are also very different. The processing methods most often employed in large-scale operations ultimately destroy the viability of the seed. The embryo, found at the very tip of the kernel, is the most delicate portion of the seed. The embryo determines a seed's health and viability.

Current stock is Certified Organic grown inTurkey and packed in Australia.

Weight / Volume
250 grams

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