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H2Onya Drink Bottle Stainless Steel 1000ml
By H2Onya

$23.90 AUD


About H2Onya Drink Bottle Stainless Steel 1000ml

Stainless Steel Drink Bottle. Food-grade 100% BPA Free.  H2Onya arms you against the over-priced and over-polluting bottled water on the shelves, so you can simply and conveniently drink your own water from your own tap.

The H2Onya is tough and toxin free - stainless steel doesn't leach chemicals into your water.

It is robust,recyclable,stylish and easy to clean. Bisphenol A free. Bottles are available in

Brushed Steel or Coloured with a choice of loop caps, sports caps, baby sippers and silicone nipples.   

Weight / Volume
1000 millilitres

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