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Earl Grey Tea - Organic

$7.00 AUD per 100 grams

About Earl Grey Tea - Organic

Besides the traditional values, Earl Grey tea provides various health benefits. It is very good for relieving depression, anxiety and fever. The depression treatment mostly relies on a very important ingredient called Bergamot. Its aromatherapy properties are very helpful in treating depressed and tense patients who experience stress and fear. When it is not in tea form it is used to sooth and relax when stressful times kick in.

Earl Grey is very rich in antioxidant substances and that is very important in reducing the damage of free radicals in one’s body. It works so well that a single cup on a daily basis can greatly help with various illnesses, diseases and even infections.

Bergamot in Eral Grey is a substance of extreme antiseptic qualities and greatly reduces the risk of any oral infection, so this makes it very beneficial for general oral health. Black tea leaves stains on the teeth but the antibacterial properties help fight all kinds of oral infections and halitosis.

Organic (ACO)

Weight / Volume
100 grams

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