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Kialla Pearl Barley
By Kialla Pure Foods

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About Kialla Pearl Barley

Barley is obtained from a specific type of grass called Hordeum vugare and is an excellent grain to add to your diet. An ancient grain used for several years in baking and making health drink, it is now taking the fancy of many health conscious. The green leaves of Barley is also used to make fresh juice rich in antioxidants. Barley has a very small amount of gluten and can be easily added to make baked goodies along with the wheat flour.

Health Benefits of Barley;

High Fiber which is what Barley (hulled) is famous for is found in abundance in this grain.
Barley helps eliminate toxins from body.
Hulled Barley contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for the development and growth of our body.
Low GI of Barley makes it a good choice for people suffering from diabetes. As it gets digested slowly and release sugar at lower rate than other grains.
People looking for weight reduction can rely on high fiber Barley diet.
Unlike many other grains the beta-glucan soluble fiber in Barley is found the whole kernel. So you get this in your processed form of Barley too.
The insoluble dietary fiber in Barley helps relieve constipation and improve digestive health.
The phytonutrient lignans present in Barley fights off the free radicals in our body.
The mineral magnesium in Barley helps control the sugar levels in blood.
Copper in it helps against arthritis and stiff body joints.
Barley is good to increase stamina, boost immunity, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Weight / Volume
500 grams

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