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Brown Rice Mochi
By Muso Co

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About Brown Rice Mochi

Mochi is made from glutinous rice by pounding steamed rice into dough, and from in various shape. The Japanese people eat Mochi by raw with adzuki bean jam or soybean powder, by dried and baked with dipping into soy sauce, or dumpling into soup. They often cook Mochi at New Years day, Festival, and Celebrating events. Mochi also plays the essential part of the Japanese religious ceremony. Especially, Kagami-Mochi, Mirror Mochi in Japanese, is used in houses, offices, and shrines as offering to God at the new year; which has shape similar to pyramid by piling up two flat round shape Mochi, the bigger bottom and the smaller top. Piling up two Mochi means "Ying and Yang" or "Heaven and Earth". Mochi has been deeply rooted into the Japanese customs.

Mochi richly contains starch that is the basic nutritional element of human body. Mochi has approximately 1.3 times more energy value than steamed rice. It is because Mochi becomes more densely than steamed rice during its pounding process. At the same time it is easy to digest. Brown rice contains Phytin; which helps to prevent cancer, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis and calculus.

Weight / Volume
300 grams

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