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Willies Indonesian Black 100% Pure Cacao
By Willies Supreme Cacao

$19.00 AUD


About Willies Indonesian Black 100% Pure Cacao

Possibly the worlds finest Cacao. Picked in Indonesia, roasted in england on 100 year old chocolate making machinery. This bar is made from beans which come from the Island of Java and are a highly prized strain of cacao.  The beans are visually striking as they are exceptionally light in colour and they have a slightly higher cacao butter content than usual. They produce a surprisingly light dark chocolate with soft caramel (and mouthwatering berry).

Indonesia is the world’s third largest producer of cacao. Our Javan beans are produced by a state owned plantation, who account for 8% of Indonesia’s production, and who are growers for most of the fine flavoured or premium beans that are produced there. State owned plantations are run wholly on business lines and their staff are recruited on a professional basis.

Weight / Volume
180 grams

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