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Willies Madagascan Black 100% Pure Cacao
By Willies Supreme Cacao

$19.00 AUD


About Willies Madagascan Black 100% Pure Cacao

Possibly the worlds finest Cacao. Picked in Madagasca, roasted in england on 100 year old chocolate making machinery. This bar is made from beans from the Sambirano Valley in North West Madagascar.  Madagascar, famed for its remarkable biodiversity, with many of its plant and animal life unique to the island, is well known for its superior cacao. The beans produce a bar with a wonderful flavour bursting with juicy summer fruits.  

There is only one cacao producing area in Madagascar - in the north of the country, north and south of the river Sambirano. Cacao arrived on the island as seedlings from Venezuela 100 years ago! Once Venezuelan criollo, they have now developed their own flavour. Our latest beans were exported by Millot in Ambanja, who were responsible for the drying and fermenting of the bean that were produced in this area. The Millot plantation started producing cacao in the 1920’s and is famous for it’s fine flavoured beans which are used by some of the most well known chocolate makers. The plantation is open to visitors and is often listed as one of the world’s top plantations.

Weight / Volume
180 grams

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