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Eden Organic Dulse Flakes Sea Vegetable
By Eden Organic

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About Eden Organic Dulse Flakes Sea Vegetable

EDEN Organic Dulse Flakes grows wild in cold waters of the Bay of Fundy surrounding Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. From April through September dulsers travel to the island in dories. Dulse is hand harvested from rocks at low tide. Taken ashore, it's cut and the fronds are laid on nets covering large flat stones on the beach to dry. The netting prevents it from sticking to the rocks. The summer sun and sea breezes do their job in about one and half days reducing moisture to 12 to 15 percent. The dried dulse is then removed from the nets, baled and brought into the processing facility.
The bales are spread over stainless steel screens for trimming and removal of foreign material. It's then hammer mill ground, passed over a magnet into a sifter of stainless steel screens. Dulse flakes are weighed and packed for shipment to Eden Foods were they're filled into glass jars capped with dispenser tops. Allergen notice: This product may contain trace amounts of shellfish.

Harvesting is managed by biologists who believe natural food can be husbanded and nurtured in the sea with minimal upset of near-shore ecology. They harvest and cultivate organic dulse that converts sunlight and nutrients from the sea into nutritious and delicious food. To ensure supply of high quality dulse, sustained yield harvesting is planned based on detailed surveys and ecology studies of the beds.

Dulse is a red sea vegetable that grows on rocks in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. It has been harvested for centuries as valuable food rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and iodine by coastal peoples of North America and Northern Europe. In Ireland, Scotland, and Wales dulse is used oatmeal soups, hot porridges, breads, and to season meals.

EDEN Organic Dulse Flakes are very low sodium and can be sprinkled on whole grains, pasta, hot breakfast porridge, vegetables, salads, and protein dishes. It adds delicious flavor to soups, stews, sauces, salad dressings and is delightful on popcorn and corn on the cob in place of salt.

Weight / Volume
42 grams

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