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Primasoy Tempeh Tamari & Ginger
By Primasoy

$6.40 AUD


About Primasoy Tempeh Tamari & Ginger

Tempeh with Tamari and Ginger, Ideal for Salads, rice or on its own.

For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years traditional tempeh craftsmen in Indonesia have been making tempeh from a typical small village shop. Using the most basic equipment, they were able to supply fresh tempeh wrapped in banana leaves in the village market, providing the village community with a delicious, versatile and very nutritious food.

Primasoy are now making tempeh in Australia to satisfy an increasing demand for good quality, natural soy foods.  All of Primasoy's tempeh products are made from Australian organically grown soybeans. This means that no artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides have been used in the production process. Unlike many other tempeh manufacturers, primasoy's product is made using the traditional method, with no addition of vinegar.

Weight / Volume
260 grams

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