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Carob Kitchen Carob Almond Bar
By The Carob Kitchen

$7.90 AUD


About Carob Kitchen Carob Almond Bar

The Carob Kitchen brings you Australia’s first Carob Bar range made with Australian grown Carob and real Cocao Butter.
Made from Bean to Bar.

The naturally sweet, smooth and creamy taste in the Carob Kitchen Almond Bar is from the sweetness in the Australian grown Carob beans and juicy almonds. Carob Kitchen blend the almond carob bar to have a mild carob taste using milk solids, lightly roasted Australian grown almonds and cocoa butter (natural cocao fat) which does not contain caffeine and theobromines found in chocolate.

Over 17 years ago on a lovely piece of land in sunny Port Elliot, South Australia, Ma and Pa Carob planted their first little Carob Tree. Since then one became many and our Carob family was born. Each gorgeous tree has been nurtured with organic love and a sprinkling of water and now our little trees spend their time basking in sun, smelling the sweet sea breeze and checking out their amazing sea views of the Fleurieu Peninsula . All the while producing the much anticipated Carob Fruit.

Weight / Volume
80 grams

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