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Spiral Sushi Nori Sea Vegetable Sheets

$7.90 AUD


About Spiral Sushi Nori Sea Vegetable Sheets

Nori is a sea vegetable grown over the cold winter months on woven ropes and suspended between bamboo poles in deep bays. It is then harvested and washed, then pressed together and dried, resulting in thin sheets of black or dark purple that are usually used to wrap the rice in sushi. It has the most vitamin A of all the sea vegetables and also contains vitamin D.

Our sea vegetables come from the waters off Japan and the MUSO Company gives its personal guarantee to the cleanliness of the water and the quality of the vegetables. A Japanese staple, sea vegetables are high in protein, rich in minerals (especially high in calcium, iron, zinc, and iodine), and contain vitamins A, C and B complex. Studies have shown that sea vegetables contain a remarkable spectrum of components valuable for human health and have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and immuno-suppressive properties. Small amounts are necessary for healthy hair, nails, bones and teeth and can help with metabolism.

10 sheets

Weight / Volume
25 grams

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