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Healthybake Khorasan Sliced Organic Sourdough

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About Healthybake Khorasan Sliced Organic Sourdough

Healthybake Khorasan Organic Sourdough

Organic Khorasan grown only organically in Australia. Khorasan is one of the ancient grains recently introduced into today’s contemporary diets. Our bread has a rich buttery taste that has a natural sweetness without any bitter aftertaste. The loaf possesses a fine, almost cake like texture and has a light amber colour. Most wheat sensitive people can eat Khorasan as an alternative to normal wheat breads. It can be toasted, made into sandwiches or used for dips, but is delightful just served on its own without any accompaniment. Khorasan has gained good acceptance with children, as they love the natural sweetness and texture of this bread. Khorasan has 20-40% more protein than normal wheat breads, a higher mineral and vitamin content and is easily digestable. Not only does it taste great it’s “healthy”.


Certified Organic Khorasan Flour, Filtered Water, Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Sourdough Culture (contains Acidophilius & Bifidus).

Weight / Volume
700 grams

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