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Bakery Lievito Peasant Sourdough Batard
By Lievito

$8.90 AUD


About Bakery Lievito Peasant Sourdough Batard

Peasant Sourdough
Peasant (grain) contains Australian certified organic unbleached stone-ground white flour, certified organic seven grain mix-soy, cracked wheat, cracked rye, polenta, flax seed, pepitas, maize, river salt & water. The grains are soaked for 48 hours to enable easier digestion.

Bakery Lievito is a wholesale business selling wholesome, organic white, sourdough loaves to a select group of retailers, cafes and restaurants. Owner Baker Kent Techritz passionately believes bread is food for the soul. “The energy and dedication of the baker is a vital ingredient in every loaf” he says.

‘Lievito’ is the Italian word for natural leavening, keeping things natural is a priority for Kent who favours organic and biodynamic ingredients and mills biodynamic wholegrain at the bakery.

Whether you buy bread for one or bread for many, Bakery Lievito bread is sold in large and small loaves at a competitive price so that everyone in the community can enjoy bread that has nutritional substance, is flavoursome and has the signature chewy texture of quality sourdough bread.

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Weight / Volume
800 grams

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