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My Umbrian Kitchen by Patrizia Simone
By Patrizia Simone

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About My Umbrian Kitchen by Patrizia Simone

Join Patrizia Simone, Umbrian-Australian chef and advocate of eating and living by the seasons, as she shares the time-honoured rituals, stories and treasured family recipes from her childhood in rural Italy that inspire the dishes she serves at her celebrated restaurant, Simone's of Bright, in Victoria's Ovens Valley.

From the simplest pork ribs grilled over hot coals, delicate salads of spring flowers, handmade pasta and fruit-filled crostate to elegant dishes using that most Umbrian of ingredients, the truffle, this book captures the essence of Umbria and its culinary traditions. More than just a cookbook, My Umbrian Kitchen is a guide to a way of life who traditions we can learn from and keep alive, wherever we are today.

About the Authors

Caroline Pizzey, a book editor and food writer with nearly 30 years' experience, worked closely with Patrizia on this project for more than three years. Based in the Ovens Valley in North East Victoria, Caroline lives on the family farm with her husband and their two children.

Patrizia Simone is the Umbrian-Australian chef and owner of the award-winning Simone's Restaurant in Bright, North East Victoria, which she has run since 1986 with her husband, George, mother-in-law, Maria, and more recently, son, Anthony. Patrizia and George have led culinary tours to Umbria in central Italy since 2005, where their group is included in her family's activities and gains insight into Patrizia's heritage at its source. Patrizia continues to share her knowledge at her Country Cooking School, which opened in Bright in 2012.

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