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Lloyds White Muscatel Pure Grape Juice
By Lloyds Organic Harvest

$6.90 AUD


About Lloyds White Muscatel Pure Grape Juice

he Muscat grape is a legacy of the ancient world. It is thought to have been one of the first varieties to be identified and cultivated. The grape is marked by strong spice and floral notes. Muscat vines seem to prefer damp, deep soils. Muscat is actually a family of grapes that has over 200 varieties.

Producing the World's Largest Variety of Pure Certified Bio-dynamic Grape Juices for almost 30 years, Lloyd's Organic Harvest fruit juices are a proven success for the health conscious and for those searching for a uniquely diverse fruit juice produced in the most natural way possible.

Weight / Volume
750 millilitres

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