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Lakewood Organic Blueberry Pure Juice
By Lakewood Organic

$22.90 AUD


About Lakewood Organic Blueberry Pure Juice

Full strength juice pressed and bottled   The Juice From Over 3 lbs. of Blueberries In Every Bottle

"The Blueberry–Nature’s Anti-Oxidant*" 

• Essential Micro-Nutrients and Anti-Oxidant *Vitamin C• Valuable Polyphenols and Anthocyanins Support the Digestive System 

• Help Support the Immune System for Overall Well-Being and Vitality

• Good Source of Manganese and Vitamin K 

• Low Glycemic Values Help Restore Vital Body Electrolytes

USDA Daily Recommendation: Nine Servings of Fruit/Vegetables for a 2000 calorie diet. Every 8oz glass of Lakewood Blueberry Juice contains two full servings of fruit. Blueberries -- the amazing Blueberry is a good source of Vitamin C and essential micro-nutrients.

Organic (USDA)

Weight / Volume
946 millilitres

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