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Raw C Coconut Water
By Raw C

$3.20 AUD


About Raw C Coconut Water

Natural Raw C is pure hydration, keeps potassium levels up, healthy vitamins and minerals, and with a great PH balance. No FAT No Cholesterol! It is living food for a living body and its purpose is our mission.

Coconut water by Raw C has been playfully nicknamed "nature's Gatorade" you see coconut water by Raw C is a natural sports drink alternative for many health conscious consumers because coconut water has electrolytes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, but all of these are in their most natural and healthy form.

Raw C team prides itself on supplying a product with the following and I quote “100% Pure Coconut water, (No added sugar, no preservatives, no funny stuff, and not from concentrate).

Weight / Volume
330 millilitres

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