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Loving Earth Drinking Chocolate
By Loving Earth

$20.90 AUD


About Loving Earth Drinking Chocolate

Coaca made from an unroasted criollo amazonico bean, with shaved chocolate and coconut sugar  Single origin, certified organic drinking chocolate. We use our raw cacao powder grown in the Amazon rainforest of Satipo in Peru, together with our signature raw chocolate. Sweetened with organic coconut nectar.

Loving Earth's Drinking Chocolate is rich, sweet and decadent and can be enjoyed hot or cold.  All of the ingredients in this delicious blend are certified organic, single origin and fairly traded.

We use our Raw Cacao Powder, which is made from an heirloom variety of unroasted Criollo Amazonico Cacao, grown in the Amazon rainforest of Satipo, Peru.  We have also included our very own Loving Earth shaved Raw Chocolate in this blend to ensure its decadent creamy texture.  For sweetening, instead of Cane Sugar, we use Coconut Sugar, a minimally processed, low GI (35) sweetener with four times the minerals of brown Cane Sugar.

Organic (ACO)

Weight / Volume
500 grams

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