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Powlett Hill Stoneground Whole Rye Flour
By Powlett Hill

$7.90 AUD


About Powlett Hill Stoneground Whole Rye Flour

Powlett Hill  only mill rye into a wholegrain flour, it can be blended with other grains to produce a lighter loaf. Rye is
traditionally a heavier style of bread with a distinctive flavour and texture. Rye flour also makes great crisp breads
for the home baker.

The property has been farmed by the Fawcett family since 1865. Andrew 4th and Ben 5th generation along with their family's all contribute to a busy and productive farm.

Powlett Hill is situated at Campbelltown Victoria. The area is a rich volcanic region with a long farming history. Farming here has been based around wool production with increasing cereal cropping and prime lamb production in recent times.

In the year 2000, dissatisfied with conventional farming Powlett Hill adopted Bio-Dynamic farming methods, the change was quick to take hold, improved soil structure was clearly visible, increasing humus, generating healthier pastures and soils.

Weight / Volume
1 Kilogram

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