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Stoney Creek Brown Flaxseed Meal Organic
By Stoney Creek

$8.90 AUD


About Stoney Creek Brown Flaxseed Meal Organic

during the seed crushing process, broken seed solids are presented as fat-reduced flaxseed meal. The meal is extremely rich in protein, soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, and lignans (which the body may convert into beneficial phyto-oestrogens). It is not a high Omega 3 product, as it retains an oil content of only 10%.

Flaxseed meal can be added to almost any food – eg sprinkled over breakfast cereal, natural yoghurt and fruit, mixed in fruit smoothies - or used in fruit loaves, health bars, cakes and bread. It provides a nutty-tasting, nutritious alternative to bran or psyllium products.

Note: Consumption of flaxseed meal must always be accompanied by adequate fluids.

Cold Pressing’ is the term given to the process of mechanically separating oil from the seed by application of pressure only, without the addition of heat or chemicals. This method maintains the natural structure of the oil, with all its natural characteristics.

Stoney Creek takes great pride in its unique processing methods and presentation of product. Only the finest available seed is selected from Australian certified organic growers, and is air-cleaned to edible grade prior to processing.



Weight / Volume
500 grams

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