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Gelatine Leaf - Premium Gourmet Food
By Premium Gourmet Food

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About Gelatine Leaf - Premium Gourmet Food

Gelatine is generally available in two forms: powdered gelatine and leaf gelatine, the latter set into clear sheets that are easily managed and dissolve cleanly into hot liquid. Leaf gelatine is the gelatine of choice for most professional chefs because it sets clearer and with a smoother consistency than powdered gelatine. It also imparts none of its own flavour into the dish, which can be a concern with powdered gelatine.

A colourless and odourless ingredient (originating in Europe in the 17th century), gelatine is dissolved in warm liquid which, when cooled, sets into a solid or semi-solid form.

Juices, teas, infusions and other liquids, when combined with gelatine, become solid jellies, while cream and sugar become a simple, elegant panna cotta. Gelatine can also be found in countless other desserts and savoury dishes.

With the spread of molecular gastronomy principles around the world, savoury jellies and other ‘set’ components are increasing in popularity, ensuring gelatine will not soon fade in popularity.

12 sheets

Weight / Volume
30 grams

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